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Programming language
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Hello, i would like to know in which language should the games be written if isuing CocoStudio. Onces the game is developed it will work in iOS and Android as well?


as i know, you can use C++ or Html5 (not verified), but when cocos2dx update to 2.2.2, it also support lua.


Cocos2d-x with C++ or Cocos2d-html5 with Javascript.


Great! thanks for your answers!
I’ve been reading all over the documents and i have a better understanding now. Using CocoStudio i can build the characters, the scenes and all the components, like score, life bar, buttons, etc. Then i export all that and this creates a JSON with all this info right?
Then which IDE (or software) do you recommend to develop the rest of the game? (this can be done in CocoStudio too?)
As i mention my idea is to develop games fro iOS and Android and i have to lean about JS also c++ so i think i would go with cocos2d-html5 right?


If you want go with JS, you will need Cocos2d-html5 to develop the game. Then using JSB technology to bind your game to the Cocos2d-x, which can lead you run it on the iOS and Android but not only the browsers.

Or you can just using Cocos2d-x with C++ to develop the game.

CocoStudio exported JSON file can be read on both Cocos2dx and Cocos2d-html5



CocoStudio is not an IDE.
For Cocos2d-x and JSB, XCode on mac or VS on windows.
For Cocos2d-html5, webstorm is the best (I think) but not free. Or using brackets for free.


Thank you very much for your answers! I will go with javascript and now iwill read about the binding process.