Production pipeline with cocos studio

Production pipeline with cocos studio
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Hi all,

Our team just recently start using Cocos 2D, so some of the question might seems trivial to an expert eye, but we have been running in circle for quite few hours now. :confused:

First, I would like to know if there is a way to share resources in between project, whether it’s an animation file or a scene or a ui. So far, it seems that a copy of the resource is made when you try to reference it from the “resources” panel.

Which bring me to my second question.

So far the solution for us would have been to create all the projects at a root directory, and used the same Resources directory for all projects. Only problem is, whenever i try to create a new project, he asked for a name and create a new level of hierarchy, which for us to copy the project file one directory bellow to start working.

So I just feel like there is something i’m not doin right, maybe i am to used to other method of working.
We would really appreciate if anyone could give us their input, and maybe share how they work and integrate cocos studio in their pipeline.



In my experience, you can divide resources by every User interface. eg. AAA, BBB. CCCC and create a General folder for resources which will be used in many different UIs. (also you can add a prefix for every picture in the folders, e.g. aaa_1.png, bbb_1.png, so you will make every picture’s name independent)

the you should only create one project with many canvas for whole solution.
every canvas for one UI.

then you can import the resource folder for you cocostudio, and your teammates should have the same folder hierarchy(include folder names) with your.

then you will find a folder named “Json” in cocostudo project folder.
there are some json files in the folder, you can send one to your teammates for them to add it into same folder.
and reopen cocostudio. them will find a canvas in their projects which created by you.
(also you can use file->export template)