Problem with Armature

Problem with Armature
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Hi there,
I’m testing dragon bones animations using the dragon animation. I exported that animation, (plist, xml, png).
All parts of the dragon are displaced when I use Armature.
I attach screenshots. Any idea of what is wrong?

I’m using that modified version of dragon bones v2.2:

because the version 2.4 of dragon bones can’t generate a plist file.

TestDragonBones.png (184.2 KB)


I have the same proble, it happends in retina mode. Does any one have a solution for this problem.?


i have try the CCAramture and had the same problen like the one you show in the picture.
I have try the code from dragonBones for cocos2dx version 3.2 and 3.3, and they solve this problem.
My problem is that i have a project with the version 2.2.6 of cocos2dx, and im trying to use the version of dragonBones for 2.2.2 from here and get the error for
"typedef std::function<void(Event*)> Function;"


I have solved the problem by using the normal resolution plist for both resolutions normal and HD