Problem while porting ios game windows.

Problem while porting ios game windows.
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Hi we are using cocos2dx-2.2.3 for developing our game.Everything works fine for ios project on mac.But when we port this project for windows store(winrt)on visual studio 2012 or for visual studio 2013,there are number of errors in built-in libraries.
First error is about including “pch.h” in every cpp class.We include this but, error for built-in libs are there.
Please help us and tell us are we doing something wrong? or what is the right way to port this game.

Thanks in advance.

Game Created using cocos2d-x v2.2.3 (Language cpp) for windows phone generate error.
  1. Right click to the project and select the property menu item
  2. goto C/C++ -> Precompiled Headers
  3. Select Not Using Precompiled Headers


#3 works!!:slight_smile:


we are facing another problem,please help us.
There is a linker error in visual studio while porting ios project for windows store
" error LNK1181: cannot open input file ‘C:\Users…\cocos2d-x-2.2.3\projects\BoW\proj.winrt\WinRT\Win32\Release\cocos2d\libcocos2d.lib’"

How to resolve this error.


just clean and build… vs is a bit finicky…