Problem about undeclared 'jsb_get_js_proxy'

Problem about undeclared 'jsb_get_js_proxy'
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I read ‘How to bind C++ to Javascript’ on Wiki and follow the steps to try Javascript Binding. But I met these problem when I build the project.

/Users/Eric/Documents/Development/bindings-generator/test/simple_test_bindings/autogentestbindings.cpp:83:22: Use of undeclared identifier ‘jsb_get_js_proxy’
/Users/Eric/Documents/Development/bindings-generator/test/simple_test_bindings/autogentestbindings.cpp:335:24: Use of undeclared identifier ‘jsb_new_proxy’

How to fix them? I cannot found the implements of ‘jsb_get_js_proxy’ and ‘jsb_new_proxy’.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 3.43.06 PM.png (128.8 KB)


Hi, you were probably using an old version of ScriptingCore.h/.cpp.
Please update it to