Presentation and game

Presentation and game
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Hi people!

I am a new developer, i’ve been trying cocos for a few months now and this is my first attempt at having something working
using it.

This is only a Demo version and the levels and stuff like that are still to come.
It is more like a test for the engine using free graphics for which i credit for on the site.

I hope i can be of any help to anybody so, if you see something on it that is of your interest just ask!

I am also looking for somebody to do projects with, so if you are into something i can contribute!
I also wrote another game using my own 2D engine in java called

Sergio Abraham.


ohye, STG, my favorite type, great!
But a bit hard … haha. When the fighter go to the bottom of screen, it’s covered by my finger. You can consider the control method of “super laser” on appstore.


I help you to commit it in the game list
It’s the coolest game in this month, I think :slight_smile:


Thanks i will try the Super Laser if it runs on my Iphone 2G or the Htc Magic… i am kind of low in hardware right now.
Have you tried the Accelerometer control?

Thanks for the help! :smiley:


–1 for accelerometer control, it cannot be very accurate in STG playing, unless you give this fighter 65535 hit points :slight_smile:


Weird, i really like the accelerometer and for me it feels way better to play using it, specially after adjusting a bit the sensibility depending on the machine.

I don’t know what you mean by STG but until i fix the multitouch for which i dont give support yet, the accelerometer has some advantage over the pad since you can move and do directional fire (when you have the blue weapon) at the same time.

My problem with the accelerometer is related to vibration, some phone models like my Magic, vibrate really hard affecting the control.


Sorry, maybe your feeling of accelerometer is right.
STG stands for Shooting Games.
Vibration makes the phoneset feel like xbox joystick. I even created issue #444 in Mar,2011, but still have no time to do it.