Possible to use HTML/CSS inside a cocos2d-x app?

Possible to use HTML/CSS inside a cocos2d-x app?
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Coming from a HTML background I’d rather create the user interface for my game with HTML and CSS.

Is it possible to integrate some kind of (transparent) HTML-view on top of a cocos2d-x screen? I’ve read about UIWebView, but have no idea how to use this with cocos2d-x.

How does everybody build their user interfaces ? Doing this in pure Javascript seems like the hard way to do this (at least for me).


html/uiwebview is very slow


I realize it’s slower, but this should not be a real problem for the user interface, and being able to do this in HTML would be so much easier… This would also be a very serious alternative for Cordova/Phonegap.


Its way slower I guess like the other guy said but if you could find an alternative then it would be awesome. - The Balancing Act


Top. Any news on this?