Porting to Android - Layer_Create_Func error

Porting to Android - Layer_Create_Func error
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Hi Everyone,
I recently created an iOS game with Cocos 2D X. I’m now porting that game to Android.
I’ve setup my Android environment and builds according to the following tutorial: http://www.raywenderlich.com/11283/cocos2d-x-for-ios-and-android-getting-started

When I port my code over, for some of my Subclassed Scene Code, I get the following error:
ISO C*+ forbids declaration of ‘LAYER_CREATE_FUNC’ with no type MenuScene.h /HotCocoa/Classes line 35 C/C*+ Problem

This error is referring to the following line:

What I don’t understand is, I have the same code in other header files, referencing different Scenes.
Why this specific header file ? It’s only 1 error. It seems illogical to me.
If someone can help me out, that would great.