Port iphone cocos2d-x game to android

Port iphone cocos2d-x game to android
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Hi all,

I am trying to port an iphone cocos2d-x game to android. But I got a few issues.

  1. When I try to run the build_native.sh, the compiler seems not support the try…catch… block in the cpp source file. But it can compile when I set the APP_STL to gnustl_static in the Application.mk. But when I change to this, the complier stops due to some c function such as “strcmp” hasn’t declare. (something about exception support in android ndk can be found here, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/4663291/android-ndk-r5-and-support-of-c-exception)

  2. When I remove the try…catch… block in the cpp source code and use the APP_STL := stlport_static option. The compiler stops due to “isdigit()” hasn’t declared in the scope. I found that the “isdigit()” function is declared in the /usr/include/ in the xcode reference. How can I let the compiler to search the /usr/include/ directory?

Thank you!


Sorry for the late reply.
Using try-catch is un-recommended on android ndk. As you seen, cocos2d-x isn’t use it. Linking stlport is the right choice.

“isdigit(int)” is a method in standard C library, you can find it in android-ndk-r5/platforms/android-9/arch-arm/usr/include/ctype.h
ndk-build can find the ndk headers if you run the build commend at the root of android-ndk-r5

For example, your path is


Then you can run the build_native.sh in MyGame/android/ folder (don’t forget to modify the XXX_ROOT params in it),
or manually run

pushd /android-ndk-r5/
./ndk-build -C /MyProject/MyGame/android/   // run ndk-build at the root of ndk


Thank Walzer!
Which version of android ndk do you recommend?
It seems that I can only download ndkr6 on the official android site.


I’m so lazy and using ndk-r5.
OK, Let me test 2d-x on ndk-r6, I’m downloading it now.


Thank you!:slight_smile: