Port iOS game to Android

Port iOS game to Android
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Hi everyone,
I beginning to develop iOS games using cocos2d-iphone, but now I see cocos2d-x, in future it’ll be easy do make a port of my game developed using cocos2d-iphone to android using cocos2d-x?

I trying to understande all of this, it’s a little confuse for me.


If you want to build the cross platform app, you should start with cocos2d-x. If you only want to do iOS apps, then cocos2d-iphone is good enough.


if you plan to cross platform, and you are comfortable with c++, you should always use Cocos2d-x


The problem is that I never develop anything using c++, I begin recently to learn objetice c and create a simple app.
Now I want to create games, I look many books in Amazon.com about Cocos2d-iphone, but there’s not a single book about cocos2d-x.

What would be the best option for me to develop multi-platform games, learn the cocos2d-iphone and then learn cocos2d-x, or learn directly cocos2d-x?


i think, if you can have good books in cocos2D iPhone, and if there is none in cocos 2D X, you should start with cocos2D iPhone and switch to cocos2D X when your are comfortable with cocos2D iPhone. probably buy a C*+ book too must be useful.
i have already made a cocos 2D iphone > cocos2D X, it take me something like 1 week for most part of the game, the only thing that give me some “work” was inapp paiement and Facebook/twitter integration.
porting cocos 2D iphone to cocos2D X is mostly something like :
sprite.scale = 10;

it’s greatly easy for someone know a little of C**, that clearly don’t need a “huge” level of C*+.


I’ll follow your advice, I’ll continue to produce my game using cocos2d-iphone , in future I’ll change to cocos2d-x.
Thank you for the tips.