Pluginx social ShareResultListener won't get triggered

Pluginx social ShareResultListener won't get triggered
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I’m playing with the plugx social extension in the cocos2d html5 version.
I followed the sample and tried SinaWeibo and twitter part.

var info = {};
info[“SharedText”] = “Share message : HelloSocial!”;
info[“SharedImagePath”] = “”;
info[“SharedURLPath”] = “”;
MySocialManager.getInstance().shareByMode(info, MyShareMode.SNWeibo);

It works fine to share the post on the given site (SNWeiboand twitter) but it seems like the
ShareResultListener never get called:

var MyShareResult = plugin.ShareResultListener.extend({
onShareResult: function (ret, msg) {
var shareStatus = “Share” + (ret == plugin.ShareResultCode.Success) ? " Successed" : " Failed";
cc.log(msg + shareStatus);

Is there any necessary steps (take SNWeibofor example) I’m missing say:

.must use the registered appkey and the app must be authorized by SNWeibo
.must config something in the app dashboard in SNWeibo

Any suggestion will be appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:


Hi, SuperSuRaccoon

As you may know, SNS site changes sometime there API, so may be our plugin is no long up to date.
Un fortunately, the Social Plugin version 1 is no longer maintaining, but there will be a version 2. I don’t know when it will come out, and sorry for the inconvenience.