Please read before posting here

Please read before posting here
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In an attempt to provide high quality service to our members please read these guidelines before posting in this section of the forum.

Please use English language, like in all forum pages. Post in other languages will be removed
Please provide an email, or an easy/clear way to get in touch

Setting out your requirements is fine. What you or your company are willing or able to provide in return would be helpful.This section of the forum is intended only for hard contract offers or real rates/quotation requests. Eventual percentage of prospective profit sharing at the back end and promises of port folio material rewards, or extremely low rate proposals will be moved to the Hiring - Mods & volunteers section. This is not an area for the development of promos, concepts or prospective work in any form. The previously mentioned forum is the place for such requests.

Please state the nature of the contract: part time, full time, working on site or the possibility of a remote working relationship etc.

Please provide a separate visible link to the company website and mention your location (for on site positions).