please answer fast! => Cocosbuilder 3 and jsb stability?

please answer fast! => Cocosbuilder 3 and jsb stability?
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Hi all,
We are a company that needs to complete a 2D game until next four months ,
most of our game’s art and sound effects are about completion, and we need to start coding and designing levels. 
We need 2D physics and a game engine with an editor that can publish for multiple platforms with different resolutions.
Most of our team’s programmers are using javascript and c# as their primary programing language. 
If we want to start our designing and coding until next three days, is the cocosbuilder 3 and jsb a good choice for us?
will be cocosbuilder 3 and jsb release early days? Is anyone known about the release date? 
If cocosbuilder 3 and jsb is not a good choice at this time, what game engine(that have 2D physics, editor like cocosbuilder and programing language of javascript or C#) you suggest for us?

If I asked in a not related forum, let me know, 
Thank you all



I’m not an expert in Cocos2d-x nor affiliated with them, but I’m familiar with Cocos2d-iphone with Cocosbuilder, and I’m porting everything to Cocos2d-x with Cocosbuilder 3 for multi-platform deployment. In Cocos2d-x template projects there are 2, namely Box2D and Chipmuck as a physics engine. I’m not sure if it hooks up directly to the javascript side. From what I understand, you can do all the game logic in javascript, but under the hood Cocos2d-x uses C**, so if there’s something that javascript cannot do maybe perhaps like hooking up a Facebook API, or add Google Game Services, then you’ll still need to dive into the code. I recall in Cocosbuilder roadmap, it will in the future support Chipmuck physics within js controller, but not at the moment, so it still has to be done in C/C** in the code, and I haven’t actually tried the Javascript bindings yet, so more experienced cocos2d-x developers can correct me if I’m wrong, but there are documentations, so perhaps read up on that

CocosDragon, and CrystalCraze are sample projects on the Cocosbuilder site using cocosbuilder js available for download for reference.

Otherwise, if C++ is not an option, then I would recommend using Unity3D, since it’s fairly easy to use, and free now for web, iOS, and Android deployment, and there’s a 2D plugins, and physics is toggled on/off very easily by adding a rigid body component, and there are tons of resources and plugins available. Unity uses C# or Javascript for the scripts which you can attach to the game objects, and you can easily generate prefabs for your customized game objects so that they can be easily duplicated. I was able to create a side scroller beat’em up game in a 48 hour game jam with my team, and it was my first time using it.

In summary, Cocos2D-x with Cocosbuilder or Unity3D are both great to get the job done, but it really depends on your team.

I hope that helps.