Only creates 'hellocpp' project in folder instead of my project

Only creates 'hellocpp' project in folder instead of my project
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I am new in Cocos2dX and developing a Win32 app.
Now, when I am trying to port this as android project using create-android.project.bat, it creates the folder ‘’ but the content is of ‘hellocpp’!.
Method I followed is below:
~~I used Visual Studio 2010 to create win32 project.
~~create-android.project.bat is located just inside the folder ‘cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3’.
~~The project folder is also located just inside the folder ‘cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.3’.
~~Folders ‘Classes’,‘proj.win32’ and ‘Resources’ are inside the folder ‘myproject’.
~~There are only two files inside the folder ‘Classes’.
~~And all remaining .h and .cpp files are inside ‘proj.win32’ and resource files inside the folder ‘Resources’.

~~Now I run the ‘create-android-project.bat’ by passing the below arguments
Package Path : org.cocos2d.myproject
project Name : myprojectAndroid
~~It creates a folder ‘myprojectAndroid’ new the project fodler ‘myproject’
-Followinf dolers found inside ‘myprojectAndroid’
**Classes . HelloWorldScene was not used in ‘myproject’!
** jni folder found the folder hellocpp).

This means ‘myproject’ is not ported here but ‘hellocpp’

Can anybody help me what is wrong here?
What I should care about to get ported the myproject?

Thanks in advance!


no solutions…? :frowning:
friends…i am really stuck here for last 2 weeks…!
trying everyday but not getting solutions…. :frowning:
please help me….


may be it can help u :
there is’t problem to port my win32 project to android just like this !


Edited file.
Thanks :slight_smile: