objc-c class NSMutableSet doesn't work

objc-c class NSMutableSet doesn't work
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Hello Guys:

I can’t use NSMutableSet obj-c class in cocos2dx. Here is my code:

void cocos2d::CCAppStoreManager::requestProductWithProductIdentifiers(CCSet* productIdentifiers)
NSMutableSet * set = [[NSMutableSet alloc] init];

And in this file I include “CCSet.h”. I got a error “error: Semantic Issue: Receiver type ‘NSMutableSet’ (aka ‘cocos2d::CCSet’) is not an Objective-C class
”. In the CCSet.h file, I found this line “typedef CCSet NSMutableSet;”. Is it the reason ? How to use obj-c class NSMutableSet and CCSet in one class or file? Thanks



Oh, NSMutableSet should be removed from cocos2d-x.


Try to use “::NSMutableSet”.


This issue conflicts with incorporating Open Feint’s latest stable build into a cocos2d-x project.