no such table sqlite cocos2d-x


I have followed tutorial :

sqlite3 *pdb = NULL;
	std::string path = FileUtils::getInstance()->getWritablePath() + "posgold.db";
	int result;  
		CCLog("open database failed,  number%d",result);  
	else log("open database sucessfully");

	char **re;
	char *error;
	int r=2, c=2;
	sqlite3_get_table(pdb, "select * from sdd", &re, &r, &c, &error);
	CCLog("row is %d,column is %d|%s", r, c,error);

Result in log :
open database sucessfully
row is 0,column is 0|no such table: sdd
Althought i have already create table sdd but it write no table sdd,i use sqlite browser to create database and save all created table.where is mistake ?