Newbie-Questions-Deluxe - Basics

Newbie-Questions-Deluxe - Basics
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Hi There,

Im new to Iphone development and was excited to see that its possible to develop in C++.

But I have some Questions about deployment. I installed Cocos2dx on win7 (Vs2010), made some modifications to the SampleProjects and compiled. Everything is fine and i have a compiled exe. But now i want to test the small Hello World app on my IPhone.

Is there a tutorial about the whole deployment process from cocos2dx on windows to running the app on an iphone?

What do i have to do to get to this point?

Sorry if the question is a more basic one…

Thx in Advance


[[Chapter 1 - How to Create a New cocos2d-x project on multi-platforms]]
How to create an iPhone and Android Cocos2d-x hybrid project
These 2 articles would be helpful to you.
Just install cocos2d-x xcode4 templates, and create a new project from template, then copy sources in Classes & Resources from win32 to mac, add them into xcode, build & run.


I read somewhere the other day that you have to pay your $99 for the developer program, which if you’re working on your own, is fine, but if you’re working with others you need to set up a company and fax your incorporation documentation to Apple.

In other words, a real pain and impossible if you haven’t paid up…that it, if what I read is correct :smiley:



Yep, I also pay $99 for debugging cocos2d-x test cases on ios devices. This fee is required.