[newbie-questions]about IDE for cocos2d-x

[newbie-questions]about IDE for cocos2d-x
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Hello everybody,I’m new to android game development ,and without any experence in using engines.I was learning how to use cocos2d-x recently but came across so many problems,I describe they beblow and hope for your help:

  1. which code editor/IDE is recommended?
    I use eclipse+cdt+MinGW,but I find the “class” folder in the project will not be imported into eclipse.

  2. Can I import the .so fils produced by “build_native.sh” cmd into my development environment?
    I mean if I am inputting a class name such as cocos2d::CCDirector,the IDE can provide me auto-prompt function.

Thanks for your concern!


才接触游戏开发,没有经验也没人讨论,空了自己捣鼓cocos2d-x,捣鼓得头破血流了!!!plz help me~






I think you should read official document for how to develop with ndk.

After you have runned the ndk example successfully, you can refer this article
[[How to run HelloWorld on ndk r4 and r5]]

Take my environment for example, I use eclipse+cygwin. The eclipse is used just for writting java code,
generating .apk file and run the program. The native code was written with vs or UE, and builded by