ِMultiPlatform resolution


Hi Guys
i wanna make a game that work on ios and android platforms

  1. what is the design resolution that work for most of android devices and ios devices
    2.what is the art work design resolution that work for most devices with safe frame that make background cutted from all side not only right left or up down

when i work on ios devices i use
1.Design resolution 568 * 320
2.I use background with resolution 2727 * 1536 for iphone5 i resize it by 2.4 to be (1136 * 640)
for iphone4 i resize the background by 2.4 and cut the canvas from middle with resolution (960 * 640)
for ipad i cut the canvas of background to 2048 * 1536 from middle
the problem here is the cut is from left and right i need the cut to be from all side to make cut left right smaller


Can you just place your background based on the center of the screen?

parentNode->setPosition(ScreenWidth/2, ScreenHeight/2);