memory leak when showFPS

memory leak when showFPS
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i found that “m_pFPSLabel->setString(m_pszFPS)” has memory leak


This morning, we just fixed a memory leak when invoke libpng

I don’t know if this can help.

Excuse me, what’s the method you examine the memory leak on win32? Is there a tool just like XCode~~>Run~~>Run with Performance Tool->Leaks ?


task manager, i think this leak is exist at CCTexture2D

i test it like:

while (true)
    CCTexture2D* pTex = new CCTexture2D();

    pTex->initWithString("test", "XXX", 24);

   delete pTex;

i found the leak like a hell, but when i comment out the glteximage2d in the CCTexture2D, nothing leaks.


I test it on windows7


My co-worker trace this bug, and regard it as a bug of PowerVR library on win32. Each time the PowerVR library load texture, it will leak a litter.
We can do nothing except PowerVR upgrade their library, or cocos2d-x upgrade to 0.99.5 use OpenGL call instead of OpenGL ES, then we can get rid of PowerVR on win32 port.