Marmalade+cocos2dx = Blackberry, bada, etc?

Marmalade+cocos2dx = Blackberry, bada, etc?
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I just want to confirm that if I’m using marmalade with cocos2dx that I will be able to deploy with marmalade to bada, ios, android, blackberry tablet, and all other platforms that marmalade supports? I’m using the new 0.11 build and all seems to work well, I just wasn’t exactly sure how this works. If I can still only deploy to iOS and Android I’m not sure what the point of Marmalade would be. Someone please let me know.

Also, I can’t seem to get the simulator running in landscape mode! I try to edit the developer.icf to set the rotation to Rot90, but it doesn’t respect it. I had to a hack to set my width to 480, height to 320 and then change to portrait orientation. Is there a better way on a Mac? Also, how do I properly test iPad, or Retina, etc?



Hi Will,

You should be able to deploy to all the platforms that Marmalade supports, in past posts someone in the forum showed cocos2d-x running on various platforms, this post was for Symbian:

I have only deployed to iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android (Kindle Fire).

I also have a bit of a problem with orientation with Marmalade/cocos2d-x. I have one setting for the simulator and one for when I deploy, not sure why at the moment, this is using the PC version of Maramalade. I just work around it for now. It might be that Marmalade handles the coordinates differently than OpenGL, someone I know was having troubles coding OpenGL demos with Marmalade and that is what he found to be his problem.

The simulator for the Mac seems to have less features than that of the PC, I have both and it seems that the PC version is much more robust.



Thanks for the reply Francis. So, I guess while I’m using the simulator I just hack it to go landscape and set my game orientation to portrait, but when I build for deploying I need to just swap it all back? Also, how do you simulate an iPad for example to test positioning of objects, or does everything just work?


Something like that. I should write it down, the problem for me comes when I actually deploy to a device. If I have time this weekend I will try to document the problems and the work arounds. The issues may be different on the PC than on the Mac but I can try both.

The PC simulator lets you set various video surfaces, such as iPad Portrait, iPad Landscape, etc. so I have had no probems simulating for the iPad. Attached is a pic of the simulator on the PC with the “Predefined Resolution” set for the Playbook, this is where I choose iPad, iPhone, etc.