Marmalade 7, CCLabelTTF not shown

Marmalade 7, CCLabelTTF not shown
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hi, everyone. I have some experience using cocos2d-x and well, I think that Marmalade with cocos it´s a very powerfull tool

Why, if I create a new cocos2d-x project in Marmalade hub, and add a simple CCLabelTTF in gamelayer.cpp, there is nothing in screen?? (please, sorry for my english) (see below for the code added)

I have try a lot of combinations about this problem, and nothing

Thanks in advance

CCLabelTTF* labelTitulo = CCLabelTTF::create(“hola”, “arial”, 20);

I just checked that other cocos2d-x projects imported by marmalade works fine, excepts labels (from ccLabelTTF and CCControlButton objects)