Making Cocos2d-X work in Eclipse

Making Cocos2d-X work in Eclipse
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Hi all,

I am following some instructions on how to make Cocos2d-X work in Eclipse.

I’m stuck on step 3 because I don’t know where to find the “path”
which file/files should I look for in my comp?
Any idea where it could be?
Is it basically the path for the folder that has these folders:
1.) add-ons
2.) docs
3.) extras
4.) platform-tools
5.) platforms
6.) system-images
7.) temp
8.) tools

is it?

Thank you for the help…

Here are the instructions (Im stuck on step 3):

  1. Go to the Cocos2d-x framework directory. This is the same one that we’ve been using to check on the test projects, only now you want to open the create- file in a text editor of your choice. (Also notice the other scripts for the various targets.)
  2. Look for where the paths for NDK_ROOT and ANDROID_SDK_ROOT are being set.
  3. Change the values there to the paths in your system. Since I have mine inside the
    eclipse folder in Applications, it looks like this:
    # set environment parameters