making apk smaller

making apk smaller
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my game is pretty simple, not a lot of sprites or data but my apk file is 12.2Mb in size, i was thinking about removing some files to make at atleast a bit smaller, libjpg.a, libbox2d.a, liblua.a = 5Mb,\ box2d_static,\ cocos_lua_static\ =4Mb, since i’m not using Lua,box2d or jpg images can i just remove those files or are they needed for the project?


They are not included into your app if you don’t use them.


those are all in android directory after running so maybe i left the dependencies when creating the project ?


How did you create your project?


i created a new cocos2dx project from visual studio, changed the visual studio project folder name, created a new android project with create-android-project.bat and merged the visual studio created folder with the android project folder.