Lua bugs in version 2.0.2

Lua bugs in version 2.0.2
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After updated cocos2dx source to version 2.0.2,I found that CCTextFieldTTF’s member function setPosition(aCCPoint) became invalid in lua scripts.

I‘ve debuged the source code LuaCocos2d.cpp, I found that the order of pushing classes into lua engine is wrong, CCLabelTTF was pushed before CCNode !
so the inheritance between them are broken.

as a result, the calling of tolua_isusertype(tolua_S,1,“CCNode”,0,&tolua_err)【self is a CCTextFieldTTF】 in tolua_Cocos2d_CCNode_setPosition01(…) return false!

I hope that the development team of cocos2dx pays attention to that kind of mistake,fixes this bug in next version。


fixed in gles20 branch