Lowest Android API level for cocos2d-x

Lowest Android API level for cocos2d-x
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I was wondering what the lowest officially supported API level for cocos2d-x was. I remember reading somewhere that it was android 2.1, which I think is level 7, but I noticed that on the store page the game flowerz claims to support android 1.6, which I think is level 4:


Just as a test, I tried installing my app on the 1.6 emulator, and I get an unsatisfied link exception when it tries to load the native libraries. Do you think this is fixable?



We only tested on API level 7.
Some guys in this community told me that, he hack the source on drawing text into canvas, which invokes skia graphic library, then he successfully ran cocos2d-x on android 1.6.


What about now? After removing skia, what whe need to run cocos2dx on 1.6?


I am not sure. I haven’t tested it. You can take a try.