Low FPS in case of multiple windows originated from window.open

Low FPS in case of multiple windows originated from window.open
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So, I had two scenes, with one main scene invoking another scene with window.open
I have build the project with 2 scenes and set up.
But after opening 2 and more windows, FPS of each window falls marginally.

Since I have tried this in empty hello world project,
I can’t figure out it behaves like this.


What’s weird / interesting is that if I change or switch the tab of main scene window, the spawned builds window corrects their fps to almost 60.

Can anyone share some light on this behaviour.


@slackmoehrle Kinda stuck on this one.:confused: Could you help me in understanding/solve this?


Absolutely. I will ask the engineering team for help! @jare

Can you tell us what version of Cocos Creator you are using? Does this only happen in Chrome? What version of Chrome?, etc.


I appreciate the help.
Its happening both in chrome and as well as in firefox.
Chrome’s version is Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit). But have checked on other versions too and same case exists.

My Cocos Creator version is - 1.6.1-beta.2 , because its free from this known issue -

I am uploading the demo project here.
Just start the server with npm start on the folder.
And enter url http://localhost:3000/pm/ in any browser

Then you can notice yourself, when FPS drops , you just change the tab of main (entry scene), and then check spawned tabs, they will get their fps around 60.


shishir.zip (3.3 MB)


Thanks for the follow-up and the example.


Sorry, I have no idea about that. It should be an issue of the GPU.


What I am having trouble understanding is , when new build is of another scene and is opened in new window, why the opener tab(entry scene) has any effect on the newly opened tabs.
Anyhow, So can this issue be diagnosed further , because I need to open multiple tabs from my Lobby Screen.