looking for a Concept Artist (寻找游戏原画师一名)

looking for a Concept Artist (寻找游戏原画师一名)
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Hello reader:

I’m planning a music game. It looks like OSU or TaiKo or jubeat. It’s a rthmy click game in mobile device platform. It will release on Android, iPhone, iPad. The more detailed game design can read from site: biliclick.wikidot.com. Sorry that it only have Chinese version page.(If you intersted in more information, you cam email me:) )
Our team have two profession programmer in China. But we still need a Concept Artist :D. If you love OSU and want to make a game of your own, and publish to the market and make money. You must join in our team. :slight_smile: We will start out our work the right way :slight_smile: .
Sorry for that we can’t afford one, and the work may not get paid unless we make money. But we still offer you the royalty. :slight_smile:

my skype : zhbohao@163.com
my email : zhbohao@163.com
my QQ : 64013421

我正在计划启动一个音乐游戏。它看起来挺像OSU或者太鼓达人或者乐动魔方。这是一个节奏击打游戏,在移动平台上。它将会在安卓、iPhone、iPad上面发布,并且可能链接微信平台。详细的游戏设计可以访问我的网站:biliclick.wikidot.com 。只有中文页面哦,:)