Little Milano!

Little Milano!
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We just released our game Little Milano for iPhone and iPad on the apple store, completely made with cocos2d-x so thanks you guys!
We will also release a chinese version and an android version of the game very soon.


From the award winning creators of The Line HD.
Silvio is a handsome young man and a fine cook…and is secretly dating two girls. As is usually the fate of the liar, disaster strikes. When the truth is discovered the two beauties started a vicious fight, forcing Silvio to make a hurried escape and leaving his clothes behind.
He must now find a way to calm the sisters down and get his clothes back before the whole city sees him in his birthday suit and his status in the small community is irreversibly damaged

Video 1:
Video 2:


Oh, when will it available in China region? I can’t download it :frowning:


The Chinese version is submitted to Apple so I guess it will appear on the Chinese store sometime next week.


Yeah, waiting for it!


nice storyline haha,
btw simple yet nice game, shut up and feed them all! :smiley: