libPNG/libJPEG missing for IOS platform?

libPNG/libJPEG missing for IOS platform?
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The latest release doesn’t come with libPNG or libJPEG for IOS. Is there an accepted way of linking in these libraries and their headers?


on ios, we use UIImage to parse JPEG & PNG format. So there’re neither libpng nor libjpeg in the platform/third_party/ios


I think that the poor guy is asking for little bit different thing

There is small inconsistency in platform dir. When new Cocos is released typically everybody downloads new sources, dumps all old files from xcode and add whole folder again. Then remove all platform specific data which is not tight to the ios. But there is a problem. In platform folder is file called CCImage.cpp which just sit there. When you try to compile it as whole it results in compilation of this file as well. It results in looking for libjpeg and libpng. When you are lucky (or stupid) – depends on point of view and just add required headers and solve missing lib. It will pass compilation stage and during linking it tells you that you’ve defined few functions multiple times. Then you realize that CCImage.cpp is implemented in and that’s the problem.

Finally you just remove CCImage.cpp and everything works. Normally I would expect that this files will be in platform specific folder e.g. Platform/win32, android.


Yeap, put CCImage.cpp under cocos2dx/platform is to be share the same code on other platforms except iOS.
May be it is confused.


Feature #534 created for this case.
I have no better idea than raise a build #error currently.
It’s the same to platform/CCFileUtils.cpp