Landscape-oriented game

Landscape-oriented game
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So, the game I’m working on is totally viewed in landscape mode. It’s a port of this iphone game, you can see the screenshots here::

Porting the game over from cocos2d-iphone has been very straightforward, without much problems in the coordinate systems, which is great. However, the coordinate system is really set up for portrait mode, it appears. Currently, the application manifest has android:screenOrientation="portrait" set, as in the HelloWorld project. This means that the android system thinks that everything should be displayed in portrait mode, even though the game is layed out in landscape. For the most part, this isn’t a problem, unless when android system UI elements are displayed, when they pop up in portrait mode. For the user, this is a bit odd.

If i change the screenOrientation to landscape in the manifest, however, then the cocos2d layer is rendered from a portrait perspective, and furthermore the image is severly cropped. I can get a screenshot of this if you like. But I was wondering how a true landscape game might be supported? Is there an easy hack when the GLES layer is initialised that I can use to switch it up?



You should use android:screenOrientation=“landscape”, and don’t use engine’s interface to set the orientation.
You can refer the new implementation of HelloWorld in 0.8.3.