Lack of Cocos2d-x Books in English

Lack of Cocos2d-x Books in English
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Hi Everybody,

I am new to cocos2d-x and coming from Flash platform. I tried searching for books for cocos2d-x but only one I found was cocos2d-x by examples. Even that books is not up to the level. Its a very good platform/engine for 2d cross platform mobile games but lack of books or proper tutorials making it very hard for new comers to join into the loop of cocos2d-x league.

There are books in Korean, Chinese or may be other languages but no such good books for English. Why So ?

Anyone working on any book ? Can we expect any in near future ?



I think a book is good where you can find on .Name called “Fishing talent!”。Maybe you like!


There is this one, I have not used it myself so I can not recommend it. It seems fairly new though.

I have also seen a lot of people link to this tutorial which you can also purchase the source code for.

Again, I have used neither of these, just what I have seen around.


I’m new to mobile game developement and also new to Cocos2D-x.
The book from packtpub is what I’m using to learn the ropes and I think it’s a good start.

So far I’ve had a great experience from it. They cover most aspects in detail and explains what is neccesary to understand. The book is split into chapters which often contain a smaller game tied to that chapter. This means there are alot of “practical” examples and not just walls of text and concepts.

The only negative aspect that I have found so far is that the book is executed on a mac with XCode. This is not a big issue as you should be able to follow it fairly well even on a PC.

It’s pretty new which means it should be up to date with all the versions and facts etc.

Hope that makes anything more clear :slight_smile: