LabelTTF Stroke Problem

LabelTTF Stroke Problem
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I enabled stroke.
I got a result trimmed a little on left side as attached screenshot.
It looks so ugly…
How can I fix it?

Screen Shot 2013-10-01 at 3.22.38 AM.png (8.6 KB)


Hi Robert,

I will fix this problem soon.

Thank you for your feedback.


Thank you.

and I have another problem.
When I enable stroke to cc.Lable.TTF then the label is moved to wrong place.
so Always I have to recalculate position as stroke size.

var label = cc.LabelTTF.create(“000”, “Arial”,20);
label.setPosition(frameWidth*0.7,frameHeight/2); // label is move to (5,10) from where I expected
label.setPosition(frameWidth*0.7-5,frameHeight/2-10); // recalculate


I have created a issue to fix this problem.

I will fix it soon.