Kroms - qix style arcade (cocos2d-x)

Kroms - qix style arcade (cocos2d-x)
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Hi There

My name is Giuseppe and I’m an italian developer from a 3 persons studio named
I’m quite proud with the work my team and me made on this game so I want to overcome my shyness (and fear of english) and present to you our latest game, KROMS.

Kroms has been developed in 3 month by me and a friend of us who helped me with android envrironment. Design, graphic stuff and sounds have been made by my 2 mates at Balzo.
I didn’t find so much difficulties during the development even if this was my first cross platform game since I’ve read all the tutorials on this site (and the game is quite simple of course :slight_smile: ).
Btw I cant wait for the final release of Cocos2d-x 3.0 :smiley:

Kroms is inspired to the old fashioned fence-off games like Qix but it introduces three new mechanics:

  1. Different goal: In kroms you don’t want to fill a percentage of the the playfield but instead catch all the kroms.
  2. Original colors’ rule: Every time a krom or a group of kroms is caught, Tony will get their color. When a krom touches a line as it is being drawn, Tony will fall unless his color is the same or contains (i.e. green contains blue) the krom’s color.
  3. Rewarding system: The player will gain one, two or three stars depending on how many catches he uses to clear the level (more combos = few catches). The stars obtained will be needed later to unlock more levels’ - aka floors of the ‘chocoskyscreaper’

Here you can find the gameplay video

Kroms is set in a building site where Tony the builder has to erect a tall chocolate skyscraper. The kroms are tiny colored monsters hanging around the building site, which keep Tony from finishing his job and driving him mad.
Because of this, Tony has to catch all the kroms by trapping them inside chocolate walls. Level by level, he discovers that this mission is no piece of cake!

The game has had a quite warm welcome in Italy, where we had a couple od good reviews and we’ve been featured by Apple as new in puzzle and arcade categories twice.
Since first launch we’ve introduced many enhancements and retouches. Last update, online on android, still coming on iOS, contains a big editing on the level design (after a deep analisys on flurry’s game metrics) and a graphic restyling.

Kroms has been developed in cocos2d-x and released on iOS and Android. We used marmalade sdk in our previous game but we had to renounce to it here because we need a good integration with facebook soon.

Well… I think I’ve talked enough, really hope in your feedbacks.

Thank you very much in advance Wink
more info and images here

kroms_screenshot_640x960_01.png (288.3 KB)

kroms_screenshot_640x960_02.png (294.7 KB)


This looks really good!

Would you like to tell us something more about yourselves and how long you’ve been using cocos2d-x? I take it you are Italian? (it isn’t said explicitly anywhere on your site, but I see some cues here and there).

Also anything you’d like to share about the development experince of the game? :smiley:


Thank you guys and excuse me if I didn’t answer so far.
Kroms is doing so so, it seems to be too casual for a midcore audience and too hardcore for a casual target :slight_smile: We’re going to redesign it in order to make it simpler.

Yes I’m italian, our company is based in Florence. We’ve being using cocos2d since our first game back in 2012 - and we moved to cocos2dx with Kroms.
Our latest game, AlienGarden has been developed with Cocos2dx and CocoStudio; I’ll open a thread about it :slight_smile:

see you