KeyBoardWillShow doesn't work on android platform

KeyBoardWillShow doesn't work on android platform
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Dear all,
With the cocos2d-x framework and Android NDK,our game can cross ios and Android platform and the version of the cocos2d-x framework introduced into our game is 1.0.1. When our app is running on ios devices,evething seems fine,but we have a problem when running on kindle* and theAndroid SDK version* is 2.3.3.

We have implemented the KeyboardWillShow/Hide methods from cocos2d::CCIMEDelegate so we can adjust the position of the working textfield in the game to prevent it being covered by the keyboard to show up.As is mentioned above,the KeyBoardWillShow function can be called as exptected before the keybord showing up on ios but it doesn’t work on android.Thus,I can’t change the position of the textfield,which results in the textfield being obstructed by the keyboard.The attachment is the screenShot reflecting the problem I encountered.

I’ve been stuck with the problem for several days.Is there anything I can do?Any help will be appreciated.Thanks for watching:-)

keyboard.png (37.4 KB)