JS Bindings errors after XCode 5 project migration

JS Bindings errors after XCode 5 project migration
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Hi all,
After upgrading my devices to iOS 7, I needed to upgrade to XCode 5 which I did.

Opening the same project in XCode 5 which used to build successfully with XCode 4.6.2 with some warnings now fails to with an error and even more warnings. Below is a brief list:

The function declaration

// Manually generated methods
JSBool JSB_CCLayerColor_setBlendFunc_(JSContext *cx, uint32_t argc, jsval *vp);

in JS Bindings in file jsb_cocos2d_ios_classes.h (lib\jsbindings\src\auto) generates the error:

Declaration of ‘JSBool JSB_CCLayerColor_setBlendFunc_’ has a different language linkage

If I comment out the previous function declaration, the solution builds fine but I’m starting to get a feel of unreliability from the JS Bindings code. Any advice?


Hi, did you use cocos2d-iphone?


Yes, use it to build CocosPlayer. Can I use sth else?


Why not use cocos2d-x ?


How to connect cocos2d-x to CocosPlayer that actually uses cocos-iphone?