Jeepers! Tower Defense, By Lucid Gaming Is Just Right

Jeepers! Tower Defense, By Lucid Gaming Is Just Right
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Check out Jeepers! in the Windows Phone marketplace. It’s a holiday themed Tower Defense game at it’s finest. With cute graphics, a fresh soundtrack, and challenging gameplay, you can’t go wrong. Currently, the full original 16 level game pack is available. We’ve just submitted the 4 level “A Jeepers! Christmas” pack. Jeepers! Was written in C# using Cocos2D-X in XNA. We develop games for the iPhone as well and found that the Windows Phone development experience with Cocos2D-X was superb. All feedback is welcomed. So, please help us improve. Feedback! :slight_smile:


How do you switch game levels? is they differ or map always the same?


I use scenes with the shared director. For jeepers, I have a switch statement that switches on level selected, and then change the CCLayer artwork for that level. The game logic is in a CCLayer. Layers can be children of scenes (CCScene). If this does not make sense, I can explain the process in greater detail and provide code samples. Let me know. Basically, the shareddirector runs the show. Think of scene and layer couplings. You can push scenes onto the stack, pop them, replace them, and transition to another. Again, this is a very quick run down. If you need more, let me know. Good Luck!


I replied the day that you had sent the message. However, I wasn’t paying attention to the fact that I couldn’t reply via email. My apologies. :slight_smile:


Not exactly info, that i want to know, but for now it doesn’t matter - I resolve probleme with switching scenes. In my case it was needed to sent param to function for switch scene with selector to level. It was troublesome, because CCDrirector can’t get parameters. But global variable resolve that problem.