its fustrating

its fustrating
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why is it that when i tried so hard I did not get any tutorials with c++
there are tutorials but for I phone written in objective c.

makes me feel cocos2dx was developed for iOs developers who want to make there games to be on other platforms as well.

Please do something about the naming conventions asap.

Its really frustrating.

VVVery unhappy :(:;sick :;fury :;angry



Sorry to hear that. You could take a look at this youtube channel.


This is the sickness that has been plaguing the cocos2d-x community ever since. Don’t worry, people are fixing that.



Thanks owen but I have already set up the environment I am using the cocos2dx 2.2.3
NDK is r9d
Sdk is updated till 4.4.2(kitkat)
I am using a windows machine and I compile and run cocos2dx in eclipse.
and hello World runs, no problem there!!!

The problem is the way I have to go ahead I have some experience with android and phonegap
I know C++ but consider I am new, SO when I try to code I find my c++ to be wrong bcoz of the naming conventions and other syntax stuff.


OK so what exactly is the problem?



Thank You Lance it was a good read but honestly I did go through your post on other questions which did help me last week when I was trying to run the sample in cocos2dx.

But my problem is the step after setup what do I do when I finish setup, I am a learner, So if there are no c++ tutorials then how do I use objective c tutorials bcoz I dont have that experience either(objective c).

But atleast I had this,

so I am sticking to cocos2dx for a while now atleast.


Hey guys it would be great if u’ll point out at some tutorials for game written in c++.

I hope I am not asking too much.



I’m new to Cocos2d-x as well but I looked at the example code here:

It’s a good starting point for me.


I see, so the problem is that you don’t know how to code in C++.



thanks for the link but I am on a windows machine, I don’t own a mac.



u can say that, specially bcoz I learnt c++ on turbo or borland where we are used to include header .h files in our .cpp and use them.

Here we have to write a .h file and a corresponding .cpp file.

and I am like why do I have to write a .h file when I am using cocos2dx.


I know that there aren’t tutorials, but for me the best way to start learning cocos2d-x is to try to understand the cpp tests.

To learn how to code in C++, well, internet is huge :slight_smile:


@ShyaamJadhav Take a look at general C++ tutorials first (just google, a sea of information o be found there), how compiling and linking against libraries work, etc.

After that, I have to say cocos2d-x 3.0 (rc0 and rc1) are really easy to set up. You just have to download some additional stuff for yourself depending on what you want to build for (for example, the Android SDK), and then there’s a simple python script in the main cocos2d folder that sets everything required up for you. From that point on you can use cocos console to easily create new projects.

For example, cocos new myprojectname com.mycompany.mypackagename -l cpp.

Compiling and building for different platforms is very awesome as well.


How to make a game - A step-by-step guide:

  1. Brew coffee.
  2. Finish coffee.
  3. Make a game.

Seriously though, just make a game. It could be something as easy as Cookie Clicker or Flappy Bird. You’ll learn on the way.