Is Marmalade port deprecated?

Is Marmalade port deprecated?
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On this page

we see that the Marmalade port is “Almost deprecated”!

Isn´t this port mature/stable to be used in commercial games?




I cannot speak for cocos2d-x specifically, but in general, Giovanni and I have been trying to support the Marmamalde port and I use it every day, it works for me.

Recenetly I worked with the author of LevelHelper ( to get his generated code working with Marmalade and ported the Jetpack Joyride tutorial to cocos2d-x and deployed to my Kindle fire using Marmalade. The original tutorial links can be found here:

The cocos2d-x tutorial code will be avaialble soon.



Sorry Francis, I forget to update the wik page. It will be done as soon as I arrive office.


Fixed. I forgot to update the status when 0.11.0 released. I apologize!