Is anyone funding Cocos2D-x?

Is anyone funding Cocos2D-x?
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I see Walzer Wang started the development and has been very active. A while back I saw a post that mentions there was a full time team behind Cocos2D. It seemed odd there would be a full time deal without a commercial backer so I wanted to see who that is.

Also are there any plans to have commercial support options? I know that is one concern of myself and others. I know it is a pretty active community but I can mitigate risk considerably knowing we can have someone to help with specific development problems and to request priority patches or even request features. I certainly don’t mind paying as I pay for support on other open source projects. Thoughts?


Thanks SmileMan. Cocos2d-x is sponsored by WoPhone in the last year. And since Oct.2011, we’re supported by PunchBox, the company behind FishingJoy. Also I’m trying to get some fund from Samsung Bada and Microsoft Windows8. If big companies fund us a very little amount, we can live many long time smily :wink:


Thanks for the quick reply. Interesting. Sounds like you have a good group supporting you and your efforts here.
So is there any way to get paid support for Cocos2D for your group? I doubt I would be the only one interested in supporting you and the development.




I’m afraid our team could not offer paid tech support in time, especially 7x24 in global timezone. Porting top games can earn money easily :slight_smile:
Of course answering questions in the forum is happy & free. It’s very important to feel useful and helpful to others, and it’s nothing about payment.


Thanks Walter! I fully understand thanks for your responses.