iOS development from Visual Studio under Windows


This is for jailbroken devices. (its $40, free trial limited to 1 app launch per app)

Has anyone had any luck running cocos2dx via this framework?

I need a device to test on, don’t feel like spending money on overpriced mac, and i am really not enjoying running XCode in Lion under a VM in order to playtest my game.


I am using the trial and it does indeed work with the provided samples, you need AppSync to drag/drop your package into iTunes and sync it. Then it appears on your iOS device and runs.


You can develop cocos2d-x games in visual studio + windows env, via cocos2d-x win32 port.
But you still need a Mac to distribute your apps onto AppStore.


Walzer, I know. And thats what I did.

However running OSX in a VM + all the copying / adding to xcode to deploy to a device is a bit annoying, so I was looking for a solution that allows deploying to device out of windows and visual studio. It works. Its set up where makefile includes platform independent files from my win32 app dir, and then makes an iTunes package.

For AppStore deployment, its best to go legit Apple route.

I also learned a lot about Clang in the process of getting it to work. It definitely isn’t straight forward if you are used to visual interfaces.


Whatabout this:


It’s a very interesting solution.

But maybe it’d be better to buy a Mac Mini just for development of iPhone games and use your Linux / Windows for all the rest.




You should not be submitting your for profit app from a hackintosh. This is good strictly for deploying out of visual studio.


This is about the updated environment to build and deploy iOS apps on Windows available on

Sorry for bumping this old thread, but the build environment was updated and there is not so much out there about it, so I’m just curious.

Aparently, jalbreaking the device is no longer required.

I’m downloading VS Express 2010, just in case it doesn’t work in the new release.

Also there seems to be some GPL tools being distributed with the free bundle, so how could I get the source code? I guess I dont have to pay to get the source, to see if I can remove the trial limitation.