[IOS/ANDROID] Snappy Chicks 3 : Cat’s counterattack

[IOS/ANDROID] Snappy Chicks 3 : Cat’s counterattack
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I just finished my third game written in Cocos2d-x : )

Simple and casual.

Please enjoy Snappy Chicks 3 : )


  • Jump into the game , What you want ( from Facebook & Photo library )
  • Gamecenter Support
  • Facebook Friends Leaderboard
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Charming graphics
  • Various medals

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Hey your game has very nice pictures and seems fun.
I found a bug on android, if you press the home button whilst in game, the music still plays in the background. You need to pause the music in the same place that the sharedDirector is paused.


@monza5533 Oh… That’s my fault Thank you for your advice :slight_smile: