iOS + Android IAP

iOS + Android IAP
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Hi! Guys,

I’m working on a game using Cocos2d-x C++ for iOS and Android. Now, I’ll integrate IAP. There will be just one IAP product.

Is there any existing extension available for it? I’m confused about soomla. Is it possible to use soomla without using their dashboard, etc. I would prefer some something free and open source.

Thanks in advance.


Generally speaking, you need to wrap appstore iap to c*+ using objective-c**, and wrap google play payments api to c*+ using JNI. There maybe some existing source code in this community, but you need to search it.



@ Jochen Heizmann - Man, your project is amazing and it’s extremely big. I just need the IAP. What I have to do only for that?


The short answer is yes!. I’m using cocos2dx-store (soomla) without using their dashboard in my game, and it works like a charm!
I’ve used some infos:

And I’ve generated with the dashboard a sample project and I have another example, you will see most part is common code, so it could be used as a template!


@joemanaco I just cloned Avalon for IAP purposes and see that you’ve updated it for C2Dx 3.x (June 4th), but I’m still using 2.2.4 on the project in question. If I roll back to the Feb. 11th version, should it work for IAP for iOS and Google Play (Amazon would be a bonus)? Also, your documentation for Google Payment is TBD, do you have an update on that or an example project? Thanks much!