ios & android hybrid project (need help!)

ios & android hybrid project (need help!)
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I need to create an ios 2d game but I don’t have any Mac. I plan to create an app which can run on both ios and android using c++ so I can use my win7 laptop make an android app and make the ipa file with my friend’s MacBook (he has to use it everyday so i can’t borrow his macbook all day and night).
I found this: but it’s for mac so I’m not sure this guide will work for me
I also read the tutorial on wiki but they’re really confused me. lol

Please anyone help me on how to set the develop environment and how to port from android to ios when the app is done. I’m a newbie so if there’re any suggestion aside from what I asked please tell me, it would help me a lot.

Thank you for your kindness. :smiley: