iOS/Android cross platform cocos2d-x with JS and Cocosbuilder starter project


I wanted to pass along a project I have been toying with for a while now. My boys (9 and 12) have been wanting to get into programming and art for games, so I thought that building something simple with JS and CocosBuilder would be a good start. When I looked at the cross platform benefits of cocos2d-x, the simplicity of JS, and the usefulness of CocosBuilder, it made perfect sense to use these. Unfortunately, I had trouble finding cross platform example projects that had things setup in a way that made sense for me. Sure there were the templates ( and the samples (, but they didn’t feel like how I would structure a project in the real world since they were embedded in the cocos2d-x project and made assumptions based on that folder structure.

So I created my own project based on the cocos2d-x multi platform JS project (, rearranged some of the folders, and added the CocosBuilder support. I am sure that there are some things that can be cleaned up or done slightly different, but it has worked for the boys and me as a great learning platform.

Just thought I would pass it along, in case you had any pointers or thoughts on improving it.