[ios] 6.0.1 Iphone 3gs cocos2dx 2.0.4 issuse.

[ios] 6.0.1 Iphone 3gs cocos2dx 2.0.4 issuse.
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My problem is that when i compile the new cocos2dx version 2.0.4 testCpp onto my iphone 3gs 6.0.1 the screen is not sized properly,
I tried the simple game that has multi resolution support with the same issuse. If I run the TestCpp on the simulator 6 4.3 or 5 it works like
it should but not on my 3gs.

Has anyone encounter this? I updated to 2.0.4 to help fixed the orientation problem but now i have a different problem.


Solved my problem after a nap, after an update to xcode 4.5 all is now well with the world.:stuck_out_tongue: