Introducing FREE SpritePacker for Cocos2D / v1.03

Introducing FREE SpritePacker for Cocos2D / v1.03
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Changes in v1.03

  • Added logo and icon created by Suhan Jin.
  • Added scrolling feature in preview canvas.
  • Added loading dialog in exporting spritesheet.
  • Improved packing algorithm performance.
  • Fixed failure to load project file made in other platforms.

Changes in v1.01

  • Fixed fatal errors in exporting PVR with opaque sprites
  • Added feature saving spare area
  • Added feature merging same-pixels sprites
  • Welcome our new Designer/Tester Suhan Jin


  • Create your Spritesheet in Just 10 seconds
  • Just Drag-and-drop Your Sprites into App!
  • Automatically split into multiple textures
  • Automatically trimming transparent area
  • Multiple pixel formats supported.(RGBA, BGRA, ALPHA, GRAYSCALE)
  • Multiple image formats supported.(PNG, PVR, JPG, BMP, TGA, TIFF)
  • Easily control Sprite Padding, Scale, Max Texture Sizes
  • support Auto-SD for Retina Display

You can download it HERE.

If you interested in sending feedback, Please feel free to mail me ( ).
Any feedbacks contributing to SpritePacker would be very welcome.


Can “Max Texture Height” and “Max Texture Width” larger than 1024?


Sure! You can edit those values in right-bottom property grid.

If you have any problems, please tell me anytime.


can you explain your packing algorithm :D, i try to create one but mine make a lot of waste space, and almost output texture are not square, (300x4000 or 4000x300 or some thing like that)