Integrating with a WebServer

Integrating with a WebServer
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I read this and still have a few questions/would like to know if it applies to my situation.

What I am looking to do is

  1. open up a layer inside my cocos2d-x app
  2. User enters Username and Password
  3. Webserver sends back some data
  4. app takes the data, continues to the next scene


Use CCTextFieldTTF if you only need to input username & password.
Please read the source in tests/TextInputTest/ for as the sample.


I actually still don’t understand how to do this.

Ideally, I have a webpage on my webserver.

I want the app to open up the web page in a layer.

Listen for data.

Store data and pass it to next page.

Close web page, go to next scene


Oh, in this situation, you had to implement your wrapper of web view in java layer, than invoke it via JNI.