Instant Easing Keyframe Behavior

Instant Easing Keyframe Behavior
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I am seeing a problem with instant easing keyframes on version 2.1rc0-x-2.1.4 @Jnue.12 2013.

In the cocosbuilder preview the instant keyframes work as expected, changing the property value at the correct time as defined in the visual timeline. However, ingame, they create a CCBEaseInstant from the last keyframe to the current instant keyframe, but the calls to update will apply the instant keyframe value for the duration . I’ve attached some images with the behavior I’m seeing.

Is this behavior intentional? I don’t think it should be, because the builder and runtime are behaving differently. Has anyone else dealt with this, or is planning to fix?


testkeyframe2.png (22.8 KB)

keyframeTest1.png (22.7 KB)