Include paths in gles20

Include paths in gles20
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One of the changes with the gles20 version is that there is now some 20-25 include paths that I have to add to my project to use the core cocos2d-x library. This seems a bit excessive, and against the “ease of use” philosophy of cocos2d. Is there a particular cross-platformy reason that these are separated out into so many folders, or can I just change the includes in cocos2d.h to use releative paths?
#include "CCAction.h"
#include "../actions/CCAction.h" etc.
and then it’s just necessary to include the “cocos2d-x/include” folder


You should use template to generate your project, and it will add paths for you.
Yes, we should modify cocos2d.h to use relative path.
Thank you, #1283 is created for it.